Mustafa Tufan


Me & Current

Hi! I'm Mustafa.

I am a software and product engineer.

I am originally from İzmir 🇹🇷, living in Tallinn 🇪🇪 since April 2019.

You can view my resume here.

I speak fluent level English, A1 level Estonian, also started to learn Russian. My native languages are Turkish and common sense. 🦉

I am a #changemaker.

Nowadays, I am busy with building an unicorn. 🦄

Me and my awesome friends are building Change, the future of finance, the most exciting end-user Fintech product in Europe.

Our investment app with a debit card provides a simple way to invest and use cryptocurrencies, stocks, gold and more.

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The Past


As of 2019, Allianz is the world's largest insurance company according to Forbes.

I worked for Allianz for ten months before I moved to Estonia, from July 2018 to April 2019.

I built Allianz Messenger Client, which is used as a library in the applications of the company's Turkey branch, to send SMS to users via a third-party provider.


Infina is the best software provider for investment banks and other financial institutions in Turkey.

I worked for Infina for almost two and a half years. As my first full-time job as a developer, I realised I am interested in economics and Fintech.

I built Accounting module, which is used in Infleks Operation and Infleks Wealth Management products.


I consider myself as a Fintech guy.

I have strong background in tech, and I am holding a master in economics.

  • Master of Capital Markets and Stock Exchange, 2019, Marmara University
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering, 2015, Firat University
  • Information Technology, 2010, Gaziemir Anadolu Technical High School

About Tech & Skill

Product Over Tech

I am a product-minded person. For me, tech is just a tool that helps me to build my product.

This is why I do not have any favourite programming language, framework, library or any kind of tool. I have favourite products. I am inspired by these products while I am working.

Out of Work

Science & History

I am really interested in science, philosophy, history and all other titles between them.

Ionia OÜ

I develop video games with my friends as a hobby. Ionia OÜ is the company I found in Estonia to publish these games